The 3 zodiac signs whose friends betray them during the moon sextile Mars on April 22

Outside of the ‘lessons in humility’ that we accumulate, the truth is that betrayal is absolutely the worst, and it seems that we all experience it at least once in a lifetime, if not several times.

And with the Sun trining the Moon, the Moon sextile Mars, and the Moon trining Uranus in the sky, it’s no wonder betrayal is something some of us will experience for a day or two.

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Not that being betrayed by a friend is much worse than being betrayed by a romantic partner, but much more is expected of a friend, and when he DOES betray us, it’s very painful, simply because we really weren’t. waiting for him

After all, friends are supposed to be trustworthy. Lovers and romantic relationships always come with a degree of paranoia: am I being cheated on?

Are you looking at others with lust in your hearts? are you lying to me? Ah, romance, you’re never easy, are you?

But friendship? Yes, that is what is programmed for destiny! Friendships are solid things, meant to last, until, of course, harsh reality kicks in to let us know we were all wrong.

When a friend betrays us, we begin to doubt our own ability to choose friends.

How the hell did we attract such betrayal? What did we do to stir this up in the universe? Our biggest culprit here is the Moon sextile Mars; that is the energy that supports the traitor and gives them the strength to carry out his bad orders.

Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius, sad to say… you are in the group of broken hearts.

The fault lies with the transit of the Moon to Mars that will take place on Friday.

April 22, 2022, you become one of the 3 zodiac signs whose friends betray them.

1. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Because you are experiencing the rush of power that comes with the trine Sun and Moon and its effect on your sign, you will personally be blind to the fact that there is someone in your life who is not being honest with you.

Your mood during this time is excellent, and the last thing you expect is for someone to come out of nowhere to alter your pretty image. And this is also a shame, because you really feel clean these days.

Maybe the cleanup really is about to start now, as this shadowy person in your life who is posing as your friend is about to show you something that will disturb you the hell out of it and lead you to make an executive decision about them. : they must go.

It is someone, a friend, who you thought was someone of great character, and discovering that it is the opposite can lead to a state of doubt. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Leo, but you’re better off without this traitor in your life.

2. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

In your world, you need very little; a couple of good friends, an honest and hard-working partner, and a safe home to live in.

When you have free time or the weekend off, you run to find comfort in friendships; you like to have a good time with your friends and you start to depend a lot on them being there for you.

Unfortunately, you tend to make friends with single people, and as soon as they find a partner, they flee the scene, leaving you alone, wondering why they bothered to call you ‘friend’.

This has happened to you many times, Virgo, and yet you continue to cling to the idea that friends are there for you.

You are an idealist, and yes, it would be wonderful to have a friend you can trust, but during the Moon sextile Mars on April 21, you will feel once again that you have been betrayed.

They walk away from you, straight into the arms of the one they think is ‘more important’ now. Oh.

3. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

In your head, Sagittarius, you believe that there is no one on Earth who wants to harm you.

And while no one intends to put you in the crosshairs or goes out of their way to put you in the crosshairs, these friends of yours aren’t as committed to friendship as you imagined they would be.

During the Moon sextile Mars, a friend will betray you and surprise you. And WOW, you certainly trusted them, but that’s just you, Sagittarius; naive to the end.

You believe in the beautiful image of loyalty and dedication in friendship, and you end up being the only one who had that idea in mind.

What makes this new betrayal so particularly vile is that you gave this person so much! Time, gifts, money, art… everything you could produce with love and generosity, you gave it to him.

And in the long run, they could only return the favor by stabbing you in the back. Lesson learned yet, Sagittarius?