The 3 zodiac signs that fall in love with the wrong person during the moon in trine with Uranus, on June 3

One of the traits that comes with today’s interesting transit, Moon trine Uranus, is the ability to think fast and act faster.

This could lead to impulsive behavior to think that we are right simply because we have not thought things through.

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So, during the Moon trine Uranus, we’ll see people launch into things, like commitments, plans, ideas, and conversations, and the result will turn out to be something like the person saying to themselves afterward, «I should have thought it through.» «. . Hmm.»

This is the transit that makes people fall in love with the wrong person. And it’s not like we need any help in that department, since we usually lead our romantic lives a bit haphazardly, but this time… it’s worse.

What we believe to be the promised land of romance and love will turn out to be a lesson in ‘how NOT to make that mistake again’.

Another excellent example of what this transit can do with certain susceptible signs of the zodiac is that it makes us feel comfortable with our choices, no matter how bad they are. It’s as if an instant justification happened.

Whatever we do, whoever we spontaneously decide to get involved with, we only see positivity and green light. In other words, we politely deceive ourselves. Because we think we’re right, we jump headlong into all the wrong moves.

3 zodiac signs that fall in love with the wrong person during the moon in trine with Uranus on June 3, 2022

1. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

All you really want is to live your life in peace and love. And, in the search for peace and love, you tend to become distressed; you want it now and you want to close the deal as soon as possible. This is what love looks like: a deal. Sure, you want the benefits and the company, but you’re not someone who wants to sit around waiting for someone to commit.

So, this way, you take whoever you can get. It is not out of desperation but out of the need to ‘seal the deal’.

Moon trine Uranus gives you the justification you need by making you feel that the person in your life who can become your romantic partner is absolutely the one for you, no questions asked.

You overlook whether they are good people or not, and you don’t care what they do for a living. You just want to seal that deal and hold on to the idea that «YAY, now I have a partner too!» You got the wrong partner, but hey, you sealed the deal.

2. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

There is someone in your life whom you have been calling «the love of your life», to your friends, and every time you say it, someone flinches. While your business shouldn’t be their business, you can’t help but feel like your friends are trying to interfere and it upsets you.

With the Moon trine Uranus, your friends can see you diving into something that everyone seems to feel is very wrong.

You are involved with someone that you believe the sun rises and sets. You are not open to seeing them as humans: they are your superstar, and even though everyone around you sees this person as a fraud, you just don’t care what they see. You didn’t ask for advice, although you should probably take it anyway. Due to the Moon trining Uranus, you will fight hard to bring a totally useless person into your life. Don’t say your friends didn’t warn you.

3. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

If there is something that accompanies your sign, during the Moon in trine with Uranus, it is the need to believe in something. In this case, it is a person. You see something bright and shining; others see someone who is gross. Somehow you have convinced yourself that you need this person in your life, to the horror of those who love you.

His family and friends are horrified by his behavior. It’s like waiting for your great love to send you a heart emoji, and then you fall apart with giggles, believing that this is the greatest love imaginable.

To begin with, the person you have fallen in love with is cheap and a liar. But you cling to every word (or emoji) as if they were love itself. Are you really going to do this AGAIN, Sagittarius? Please stop being a fool for love. Those who really love you are tired of seeing you make a fool of yourself.