The 23 Biggest Dogs In The World (With Pictures)

Some people prefer little lapdogsthey cuddle fool can.

However, for some this is not enough.

The largest dog breeds are impressive and others can already do it scare off. Funnily enough, they often are though much calmer and gentler than the little foot horns.

How big is the tallest dog in the world? Bigger than a human? Look at number 13 and 23 to find the answer!

1. The Bernese Mountain Dog

Males: 64 to 70 cm

Bitches: 58 to 66

Bernese Mountain Dogs are great apparitions. The longing, tricolor fur gives them a graceful appearance.

In the past they were mainly used as farm dogs used, today they are however popular family dogs. They are friendly and fond of children.

As a guard dog, most Bernese Mountain Dogs would be useless, as they also greet strangers with a smile.

2. The Dogue de Bordeaux

Males: 60 to 68 cm

Bitches: 58 to 66 cm

The ancestors of dogue de bordeauxe were already in 14th Century as Hunting dogs for wild boar used. Her attentive being still does it today great protection and watchdogs.

However, Dogues de Bordeaux are no aggressive dogsrather good-natured and relaxed.

Since then the breed once almost extinct would be, breeding took the big dogs strong to. Although there are now again many of these dogs, their Life expectancy however, is only included up to eight years.

3. The Romanian Bukovina Shepherd Dog

Males: 68 to 78 cm

Bitches: 64 to 72 cm

By the smooth fur up to nine centimeters longit works Romanian Shepherd Dog still more massivethan he already is.

This large dog breed serves mostly as herding dog and can attacks from big predators skillfully fend off.

while she good watchdogs are, they are very suspicious and in most cases only conditionally as a companion dog suitable.

Would you like to get to know other dog breeds from Romania? Then I recommend the article to you Romanian dog breeds!

4. The Rhodesian Ridgeback

Males: 63 to 69 cm

Bitches: 61 to 66 cm

bears his name the Rhodesian Ridgeback because of the strip of fur on the back that goes into the opposite direction of the rest hair growth grows.

This south african dogs are true power packs and impressive Hunterbecause they were originally designed for the Hunt for lions bred.

They are known for not barking much!

5. Russian black terrier

Males: 70 to 74 cm

Bitches: 68 to 72 cm

Dubbed the «Black Pearl of Russia,» this dog is a true rarity outside of their native land.

They were bred to be used as working dogs in all regions of Russia. They often serve for the police or as guard and protection dogs in prisons.

6. The Caucasian Ovcharka

Males: 72 to 75 cm

Bitches: 67 to 70 cm

This Dog breed from Russia is mainly considered guard and protection dog used. No wonder, because upon seeing this massive dog Burglars think twice.

They reach a weight of up to 100 kilograms!

Will you already as puppies to the living together with people used to, they can also be loyal companion dogs.

7. The Newfoundland

Males: 69 to 71 cm

Bitches: 63 to 66 cm

The Newfoundland is a huge dog with a huge personality.

They are watchful and protectivebut also good-natured and gentle Animals. Self Robert F Kennedy appreciated Newfoundlands and familiar them his children at.

8th. The greyhound

Male: 71 to 76 cm

Bitches: 68 to 71 cm

The greyhound belongs to the fastest animals on land and has existed since before Christ.

Due to its slim build, the Greyhound can run particularly fast, which is unfortunately why it often abused for dog racing becomes.

Her lovable and calm character but also makes this dog one gentle family dog.

9. The Kuvasz

Males: 70 to 76 cm

Bitches: 65 to 70 cm

The white, slightly wavy fur leaves the Kuvasz right elegant appear. The massive stature combined with the fearless and loyal personality are they ideal herding and guard dogs.

Kuvasz are recognized as a Hungarian breed but have their roots in Asia.

10. The Scottish Deerhound

Males: 76 to 81 cm

Bitches: 71 to 80 cm

The name of Scottish Deerhound has arisen from his task, because he was originally for the Hunt for deer deployed.

The big, powerful dog already existed in the Middle Ages.

Today he is one more popular and playful family dog.

11.The Tibetan Mastiff

Males: 66 to 76 cm

Bitches: 61 to 71 cm

With your long fur and the thick mane around his head the Tibetan Mastiff is definitely in real eye catcher.

The from the Himalayas originating herding dog don’t be afraid cold and guards his Family at wind and weather.

In the local language it is also called Do Khyi.

12.The Kangal Shepherd Dog

Males: 70 to 80 cm

Bitches: 63 to 75 cm

This huge dog from the Türkiye is mainly for his good-natured and loyal nature known.

Although they tend towards strangers suspicious are, they can loving companion or family dogs be.

The imposing size of the Kangal developed naturally and was not deliberately bred.

13. The Irish Wolfhound

Males: from 79 cm

Bitches: from 71 cm

Although not the biggest dog in the worldbut for that largest dog in Germany is the Irish wolfhound «Wölfi». He reached one Shoulder height of 1.11 meters.

This dog breed is balanced and friendly, but very active. For couch potato is he nothing!

14. The Saluki

A side view of a healthy beautiful grizzle, black and tan, Saluki standing on the lawn looking happy and cheerful. Persian Greyhound dogs are slim and slender with a long narrow head.

Males: 58 to 71 cm

Bitches: 55 to 68 cm

This Greyhound from Persia is though largebut also very slim.

They are avid runners and need several hours of exercise a day. towards people they are friendlyothers greyhounds however, meet them mistrust.

15. The Leonberger

Males: 72 to 80 cm

Bitches: 65 to 75 cm

There is the Leonberg since 1846. In order to get a dog reminiscent of the coat of arms of the city of Leonberg, the city council made a cross several dog breeds.

are Leonbergers Despite the massive appearance friendly and lovable dogsthe happy families can prepare.

16. The Landseer

Male: 72 to 80 cm

Bitches: 67 to 72 cm

The naming of this dog breed is a real one special feature. Landseer was a painterthe the huge dog immortalized in many of his paintings.

Landseer are dogs that love the water and originally helped fishermen at your work.

17. The mastiff

Males: 70 to 91 cm

Bitches: 70 to 91 cm

The mastiff is a true giant dog and not only big, but also difficult. For health reasons, he should 90 kilos however, do not exceed.

Because this dog underestimated its powerhe must socialized early become. A well-trained mastiff however, is a loving companion dog.

18. The Great Pyrenees

Males: 70 to 82 cm

Bitches: 65 to 75 cm

Although the Pyrenean mountains a massive dog is, he has one high life expectancy from up to twelve years.

He is not a beginner dogbecause his independent being is designed to his herd to protect. Its holder should be one dominant personality have to yourself push through to be able to

19. The borzoi

Males: 75 to 85 cm

Bitches: 68 to 78 cm

Known as russian greyhound, is this large dog breed.

The name «borzoi‘ is said to differ from the Russian word for ‘fast‘ because this dog is a talented racer.

He has endless energy and needs a lot of exercisebut is at the same time a good-natured family dog.

20. The Akbash

Males: 74 to 89 cm

Bitches: 71 to 80 cm

Already in 15th century this dog breed existed in the Türkiyewhere they especially as herding and guard dog were used.

This is still reflected in her personality today, because Akbash are independent and loyal.

21. The Cane Corso Italiano

Males: 62 to 70 cm

Bitches: 58 to 66 cm

By the muscular appearance become Cane Corso often as aggressive dogs estimated. As with most dog breeds however, they are in truth loving companion dogsas long as she treated properly become.

Cane Corsos were originally used as reporting dogsthe conveyed messages. They are loyal and peaceful.

22. The St. Bernard

Males: 70 to 90 cm

Bitches: 65 to 80 cm

The popular Family dog ​​from the Alps is known for gentle and good-natured to be.

To this day they are often referred to as Rescue dogs in snowy areas used where they are many every year save lives.

St. Bernards are not only among the largest dog breeds, but also among the heaviest!

23. The Great Dane

Males: 76 to 90 cm

Bitches: 71 to 84 cm

If you’re wondering; “How big is the tallest dog in the world?” is your answer.

The Great Dane «Zeus» broke the world record with 1.12 meters. Per day he needed biggest dog in the world over 13.5 kilograms of feed.

Standing, Zeus was taller than a human! He then reached 2.23 meters!