The 10 saddest songs of our life

Get your tissues ready, because with this list of saddest songs of your life, you’re going to cry your eyes out while you sing every song like there’s no tomorrow.

Sadness is one of the emotions that moves us the most. And it is that the emotional pain we feel is so intense that it can make us cry non-stop for hours until dehydrated. This feeling also makes us pessimistic and dissatisfied with all aspects of our life, so it is not a game.

In this state were the artists that we chose to elaborate this list of temas loaded with sadness.

These are 10 of the saddest songs of all time

10. For the last timeby Devi Nova and Franco de vita

This is the story of the end of an unrequited love, so if you are in full spite, listen to it discreetly.

«It’s a very sad song that describes the moment when a love is ending and one wants to feel it one last time.»

Debi Nova said in an interview with

9. not in this onefrom No flag

This theme talks about a couple that could never really be, because in this life things were not given to them and they could never be together; It was just a passing love, but it left its mark. If you squealed with the original version, wait until you hear the acoustic version.

8. Byeby Sebastian Yatra

With lyrics full of melancholy, a piano that marks the beat of tears and Yatra’s voice about to break down in tears, this song is heartbreaking, because it talks about when the relationship ends, but the love is still there.

7. Goodbye my loverby James Blunt

We warn you: you are going to cry with the lyrics of this song. It is a message of eternal love from that place between oblivion and melancholy where all ex-lovers end up. If you identify with this topic, it is because you are one of the people who never stops loving.

6. bye lolaby Juan Fernando Velasco

If you have ever been ruthlessly single or alone, it is because you have just come out of a long, intense and very happy relationship, but for some reason it ended. of that speaks bye lola.

5. The Night We Metby Lord Huron

During the stage of falling in love, especially when there is a crush and we feel that love is at first sight, we are so full of happiness that we do not realize the defects of the object of our love. When things get tough and the magic ends, sometimes we wish we had never met that person and that is one of the saddest things that can happen to us in life.

Four. I ran out of lovefrom Maia

For the next song we are going to ask you to close your eyes and listen to it thinking about the time you were the bad guy or the bad guy in the relationship.

3. creepby Radiohead

It is very sad to realize that you will never be able to be with the person you like simply because they belong to very different worlds and you are so far below that being that you will never be able to climb to reach it. And it is that you are a weirdo and that person is very popular: an impossible love.

two. Eternal loveby Juan Gabriel, performed by Rocío Durcal

If there is no love greater than that of a mother, there is no pain more terrible than that of a son who has lost her. The lyrics of this song were written by Alberto Aguilera (better known as Juan Gabriel) for his mother, who died in 1974.

1. tears in heavenby Eric Clapton

In March 1991, the singer-songwriter was in New York City spending quality time with his 4-year-old son Conor and his ex-partner Lory Del Santo, whom he had broken up with when she announced her pregnancy. They were staying in an apartment on the 51st floor and the boy ran into a room where they were repairing a window; he accidentally fell out of the window and lost his life instantly. This song is for him.

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