That fat girls can’t wear white? Lie!

That myth that chubby women can’t dress in white clothes is sent to collect, and these spectacular pints prove it!

I’m chubby, I confess, and I’ve always had in my mind a commandment dictated by I don’t know who says «you will not dress in white if you have extra kilos».

I have rigorously followed that rule to hide my carnitas, but it turns out that now we gorditas should no longer hide our attributes, but show them proudly!

White outfits for women plus size

But how to do it without feeling uncomfortable? Get inspired by these fashionistas that the experts in XL women recommend Curvy Fashionista

Wilma Flintstone style

two piece dress


This dress is perfect for cover arms and shoulderskeeping you cool…

Lace? Oh yeah!

tailor type

The white tailor It is the ideal outfit for a business trip to the hot country.

and for the party

cocktail style

one piece

cool and comfortable one piece for hot land

pool party

party in the beach or pool? This is the perfect set…

Two pieces

A fat girl with a waist can use navel without any fear…


Remember to wear skin-colored underwear, not white, so won’t stand out in the light

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