Thank you eBay! – Campaign News

In order to be able to identify criminal dealers and deny them access to the online market, has been asking the eBay Inc. portals to set up a verification of their animal sellers for many years.

The first successes have already been achieved: the eBay platforms in Great Britain and the Netherlands have introduced a nominal fee. The goal: raise the hurdles for criminal traders and make their identity traceable.

In Germany, criminal puppy dealers can conduct their unscrupulous business anonymously and unhindered on online platforms. So far, eBay classifieds in Germany has spoken out against an obligation to identify sellers. And even on other online platforms, traders do not have to verify themselves or can act anonymously.

In order to stop the illegal puppy trade, has developed a model solution for complete traceability of the Europe-wide online puppy trade.

calls on the federal government to enact laws to identify criminal sellers and thus protect animals.

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