Thalía’s change of look that her fans did not like

Thalía shared with her followers an image in which an extreme change of look is seen, how does it look better?

The famous live from their image, because beyond their talent (which they may or may not have) what is most observed about them is their physique: if they got fat, if they dressed well or badly, if they dyed their hair … The latter was what happened to the Mexican singer and actress Thalía, who was raised in the networks for a change of look that her fans did not like.

In the image, Thalía is seen posing with a blue jumpsuit very tight to her figure and wearing very blonde hair, almost Barbie tone. The new hair color of the protagonist of Maria from the neighborhood It raised a blister among its followers, who raised it to criticism.

Some of the worst comments were deleted from the social network, and the users were blocked, but here we see a few…

It is not the first time that Thalía teases her followers with a supposed change of look, remember the time it kicked up dust for the same reason?

Well, the Mexican repeated the joke, well, as you may have suspected from the beginning, her blonde hair was just a wig.

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What do you think of the scathing criticism that Thalía received for the supposed change of look? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your networks! Your friends will like to see how cute she looks.