Thalía is raining criticism for course botox

According to some of her followers, Thalia’s face no longer expresses any emotion, supposedly due to Botox abuse… Could it be?

Famous women who live -in addition to their talent- from their image, have enormous social pressure to maintain eternal youth, completely impossible to achieve, because if there is something that cannot be stopped, it is time. The problem is that both the media and the public criticizes them if they find wrinkles, flaccidity or gray hair, but they shoot them if they have surgery! or give injections to prevent these signs of old age!

Consequently, these women find themselves in the midst of an impossible paradox: bad if they look old, bad if they try to avoid it. The vast majority, however, opt for the second path, and aesthetic procedures such as plastic surgery or Botox injections are practiced, just to name a few alternatives. In this situation is the Mexican Thalía, who these days is raining criticism for her appearance.

The criticism arose as a result of a post that Thalía made on her Instagram account, where -according to her followers- the botox is noticeable. Judge for yourself…

Look at some of the criticisms that were made…

We set to the task of compare a photo of Thalia in 1994playing Marimar, with one from 2018, in which she would have come out natural.

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