Thalía from My name is 2019 showed her most sensual side

Julieth Mejía, Thalía’s double in My name is 2019, has made her followers sigh with her posts on Instagram.

The impersonator has stolen all the attention with her beauty on the show. Even Jessi Uribe and Cesar Escola said that she was very pretty. Amparo Grisales became jealous and the other 2 jurors to make her happy with her also began to call her cute and gave her a kiss. In the end she Amparo said “I know I’m cute“.

Unfortunately for some, she has a boyfriend and he is the former participant of the David Trujillo Challenge. He participated in the team of the Antioqueños in the year 2018. Despite being one of the participants who spent the most time in Hell, failed to reach merger. David accompanied Thalía to her audition and he also left many viewers with their mouths open.

The cutest thing about Thalía from My name is the boyfriend HAHAHA 😍😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤

— ɒɿɒꙄ 🦄. (@laliiiiiiiiii__) September 26, 2019

Thalia’s impersonator is model and businesswomanbut now also is venturing into the world of music with the contest of Caracol, My name is 2019. According to some viewers, she is the sexiest contestant and so do her Instagram followers. Julieth has also daring to pose without a bra and has set the imagination of more than one to fly.

in last night’s episodeJulieth sang Brown Skinas a wardrobe used a bra with braces and white pants. Let’s remember that last year the contestant who played Thalía also used it when she sang that song. Vote for the one you think suits her best..

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