Tendera saved a girl from a possible kidnapping and everything was on video

Children on the street are vulnerable and a video that went viral proves itbut real heroes exist, that’s how a shopkeeper saved a girl from possible kidnapping.

The video shows a girl when she is buying something in the store while a man talks on the phone with his car door open.

Then, the girl finishes being cared for and starts her way home, realizing the suspicious man is also preparing to kidnap the girl.

The shopkeeper realizing the situation runs to the girl, He hugs her and decides to walk her home.

The man, seeing his act frustrated, secretly closes the door of his carclimbs on it through the passenger door and starts his flight.

Video of the shopkeeper who saved a girl

After leaving the girl at home, the shopkeeper takes out her mobile phone to take a photo of the suspicious car and then make a call.

The video has generated a lot of controversy about whether it is real or fictional, However, the really important thing is that our children take many risks when they are alone in the street.

It is impressive to see the situation and the vulnerability of a child, that is why This video serves to alert us about the dangers that little ones run when they are alone.

We recommend you keep in mind that regardless of age, all children are vulnerable. and that is why you have to be very aware of them.