Tell me what your style is and I will tell you what underwear goes with you

Are you sexy, romantic, natural or daring? You can also find lingerie according to your style or personality.

Forget about wearing the underwear that touched you and learn to buy it according to your style.

Today we have an expert who will give you the best tips to choose the perfect lingerie and look beautiful.

Many times, the details or what is not visible to the eyes at first, is what ends up making the difference in the dress. Choosing good lingerie, that fits us well and that we like, will make us feel beautiful from the inside out, as well as giving us an attitude of great security and confidence. Here are some tips from image consultant Romina Barak to choose your intimate apparel:

-You are romantic? This season will be ideal for you since pastel tones are imposed and, of course, also in your underwear. In addition, you will be able to choose it with details such as pearls, bows, bows, tulle, ruffles and transparencies with polka dots, for instance. Make sure that these details are located in the strong point of your silhouette since you will generate a focus of attention with them.

-Are you a lover of nature? If your style is more relaxed and practical, I recommend the more simple, without accessories, without push-up and even without underwire, because sometimes they tend to be uncomfortable. These models are very subtle and delicate but only for women who have little bust since they do not support much. For the others, I recommend those with a base, since it does not allow it to slide up. I also recommend the soft cup type, because as they do not have seams they are ultra-comfortable and do not cause discomfort or irritation.

-Are you daring, a true “Femme Fatale”? Play with vibrant colors and bold formats! In order not to fall into vulgarity, it is important that the materials with which these types of garments are made are of good quality. It is an investment that will last you over time. you can choose satin, silks, lace (hyper sensual and delicate!). Incorporate push-up bras, with a little padding (do not abuse, it is very unsightly) or those that have transparencies in the totality of the rate. Without a doubt, the seductive bra par excellence is the half-rate balconette type.

Are you a classic woman? If you are one of those who prefer the traditional, I recommend neutral colors like black, white, nude, tan or burgundy. Here you won’t attract attention with colors or details, but the important thing is that it fits you perfectly to show off a good silhouette and that she be the true protagonist.

And more tips…
-To choose the size of the bra. We must take into account that it holds us in the right measure, don’t tighten too much since it will expose love handles out… Even if we don’t even have them! Also don’t choose a smaller bra size to make it look fuller, it’s coarse and compressed and it’s unnatural.

-Proportions to take into account. We must find proportion with our body texture. If we have large shoulders and bust, for example, try that the straps of the bodice are not very thin since it will generate a contrast that will put us in evidence. The same with the interiors: if we have very wide hips, it is not a good idea to choose those that have band-aids on the sides that are too thin. The goal is to seek natural harmony. This is our best weapon of seduction!

Taken from Entremujeres