Tell me what your lips are like and I’ll tell you how to make them up

As in the case of the eyes, lip makeup varies according to its shape and what you want to achieve. Thus, you can make them look more fleshy in the case of thinner ones, highlight their qualities when they are rather thick or match them if they are asymmetrical.

Here are some tips so that you can make up your lips well depending on their characteristics:

1. Thin Lips: If you have thin lips, the goal will be to make them appear thicker and fuller. You must outline outside the natural line of both lips (moderately) and fill in color with lipstick. To finish, apply a pearlescent color or a gloss in the center of the lower lip, as these shades will give a volume effect. If you use the right colors, your lips will appear much more plump and seductive.

The outlining should be done with a pencil of natural color, beige, or the same color as the lipstick you have chosen. Never use a dark liner, it will only make your lips look even thinner.

Wear light-colored, shimmery lipsticks. Opaque and dark colors refine. Apply the color to your lips with the help of a brush. You can put two layers of lip paint. After the first, you powder the lips with a little colorless powder and paint again. They will appear fuller, while the lipstick will last even longer.

2. Plump Lips: Outline the lips from the inside following the line of their natural contour. Apply the lipstick with the help of a brush. Avoid shiny products like glosses, as they will make your lips look bigger. Beige and pinkish colors are perfect if you have thick lips, although all colors will suit you, just try to avoid colors that are too dark.

3. Small Mouth: If you have a small mouth you need to create the illusion that it is bigger. To do this, slightly lengthen the upper lip (outline a little beyond the corners) and widen the lower lip (outline a little lower, especially in the middle). Then fill in color with your lipstick, applying it directly or with the brush. Add gloss to both lips to give an illusion of volume.

In this case I am not just referring to a thin lip, I am talking about a small mouth as a whole. Use clear lip tones, pearlescent ones will go very well and even use gloss to make more volume effect. If you have a small mouth and a thin lip and you like dark tones, you can use them if you apply gloss to the center of your lip to make them juicier.

4. Big Mouth: A large mouth can be a great attraction, but if it is excessively so, some makeup trick will have to be used to hide its size. It is so easy and simple that you will surprise yourself, but the best thing is that your mouth will look sexy. To make it appear smaller and thicker, apply lipstick to the inner corner of your mouth. Then fill in and apply two layers of lipstick and finish with gloss, but only in the center of the lips. I advise you to choose matte shades that work best on this type of mouth.

5. Asymmetrical Lips: Asymmetrical lips are defined as those in which the upper and lower lip do not have a homogeneous width. The most typical case is that the upper lip is much thinner than the lower lip. The goal of make-up in these cases is to balance the size, either by increasing the volume of the thinner part or by reducing the surface area of ​​the thicker part. To achieve this, draw from the outline outwards in the first case, or from the outline inwards in the second.

6. Sagging lips (cases in which both corners go down): Line the lower lip from the center to the ends with a natural color. When you get to the commissure, don’t follow the shape of the outline, what you have to do is force the line up. Try to fill with a brush the entire interior from the drawn line.

Some general considerations that will help you:

When you use a lipstick and a lipstick or lipstick, they should be of the same range of shades. Since it is currently not fashionable to outline your lips with a darker color and fill them with a light color.

Rub lips with a toothbrush in gentle circular motions; you will improve the texture by removing dead cells and reactivate the circulation of the area.

Enhance the whiteness of your teeth using pale colors, such as nude.

Get a volume effect with a touch of beige concealer in the center of the lips.

My favourites: lip balms-Lip Care from Apivita in pharmacies, Unique Pink from Sephora, Biopel in pharmacies.

lipsticks: Shue-umura Bicolor Concealer, Sephora Beige, YSl Nude, Nars Beige, Maybelline Beige.

Lipstick: Dior Adicte Extreme, Wanted Gloss by HR, Lip Gloss by Sfera, Rouge by Couture YSL, Mate Deliplus.

taken from woman today