Technology helps us and teaches us things

Many of our ancestors have wanted to predict what the technology of tomorrow will be like; this has advanced too much and will continue to do so, but we have to keep in mind that technology is everywhere, from when we use the pen to write by hand to when we walk with our comfortable Nikes, these also have a different technology, but technology , which progresses more and more.

There are people who hate it but do not realize that we need it to advance and better understand our environment and take care of it, without it we would not know how to add exorbitant amounts so quickly; The first calculator was Abacus, this was advancing until we could have it on our mobile device. It also changed the way we communicate, now we can talk to our friends and family from other countries, but like everything in life nothing is perfect or maybe we already are; I wouldn’t know what to say to them, it has made us more lazy because it’s getting easier to let machines do difficult tasks, like writing a text in Microsoft Word, This corrects the texts automatically and with good spelling and writing.

Well, I strayed a bit from the initial topic; the fact is that she helps us, we are in a competitive world where one makes a note like this and 20 people make a much better note. The world has always been competitive, now machines with different programs allow us to be more competitive because they make things easier for us, they tell us how many characters we have written. Now with the Glass we can do more and better things although, since they are a new product, they have many flaws. For those who don’t know, Glass are glasses that tell us different things, from what’s around us to translating.

As I wrote at the beginning of this note, technology advances too much and sometimes we do not see technology, but it is part of us, perhaps I have already mentioned this a lot in my previous notes, but it is true, today we can buy a good book and read it, I recommend that you do so if you want to be competitive in life. Have you seen Samsung and Apple mobiles? Well, they were in a fight over patents (for those who don’t know what patents are, they are verification papers that the products belong to their creators, for example, the creator of the electric light bulb that was thomas alva Edison, there are some papers in his name that say he created the light bulb). They fight about it, but in the end they both give each other money, since Samsung create some products for Apple, but they teach us to be competitive, that’s what you should do, that’s what technology teaches us and it gives us a lot of advice to be the best. Search and fill yourselves with a lot of information. Tomorrow we will be a better world thanks to wanting to do things well and with love.