Technology analysis: This is how the JOKR Supermarket application works

Unlike many people, the online supermarket already had it very much incorporated into my routine before the pandemic of Coronavirus. is that buy for Internetis by far one of the best inventions they have created in recent years.

And in fact, the high demand for this type of service has brought new players to the market, offering special promotions, competitive prices, fast delivery, among others.

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That is why this week I wanted to try JOKRwhich is an app available both as in iOS Y Androidwhich offers more than 1,000 products from the supermarket directly to your home in just 15 minutes (or sooner).

The mix of products is well varied, where products of pantry, snacks, bakery, confectionery, fish, poultry and meat, personal care, deli, cleaning, dairy and eggs, frozen and pets. Also prepared foods and cigarettes. The grace is that you can order things immediately, without having to constantly go to the supermarket. For example, if you need avocado for your lunch salad, it arrives ripe and ready to serve.

And to get to your house before 15 minutes, they have mini hub or distribution centers located in strategic places, from where they are supplied with the necessary products.

Among the options to highlight, is that you can go tracking the order, you do not pay shipping cost (surely in the future one will be added for a low value), and it has its contracted workers, giving them all the legal tools to be able to work without inconveniences.

Another important issue is that it comes with a section called “Local Heroes”, where small entrepreneurs can offer their products through the platform. Incorporating these local businesses allows them to expand their reach, while eliminating the need to set up delivery and logistics networks on their own. There are several things here that are worth trying, especially the fast food that I recommend.

As a summary, it seems to me an interesting app, with an important level of projection in Chili, where there is a large market that needs products delivered to their home. It is that the mere fact of going to the supermarket, and seeing full of shoppers of different brands buying, it is clear to us that this phenomenon is here to stay. I recommend you download the app by doing click hereand see if they come to your city.