Tattoos on the ribs that will make you look sexier

Without a doubt the rib tattoos They are one of the most striking, so we give you some ideas to see you sexy and beautiful.

One of the reasons why people decide to tattoo this area of ​​the body is because it attracts many looks. The ribs are sensual by nature, so here we want to give you some ideas to see you more beautiful and very sensual.

Tattoos for women on the ribs

If you are already determined to get a nice rib tattoo, here are some designs that you might really like. Surely you are going to leave more than one with their mouths open because of your incredible tattoo.

Vital signs

This is a very creative and very striking design, it is about accompanying a line that simulates the vital signs with a cross on one side and a heart on the other side. Or you can also choose an arrow that represents vital signs. It sure is something no one has!


How about this cute wave? It is something small but because of its size it looks very sensual and simple. Remember that sometimes less is more.

a pretty flower

If you want to go to the fixed, a very good option are the designs that include flowers. The best thing is that you can choose if you want them to be large or small, with color or black and white, the truth is that they look great.

something flashy

If you like big tattoos, this can be a very good option. It is a design that includes a landscape, a mandala and some flowers that make it look beautiful.

Rib tattoos for men

However, rib tattoos are not just for women. Many men also choose to draw their skin in this area and these could be the results.


If you have an animal that you feel identified with or a favorite, this can be a great option. Also, you can add color to that tattoo so that it stands out and looks even more beautiful or why not leave it in black and white.

World map

If you like to travel or dream of traveling the world, this tattoo design is for you. Although it is a large tattoo, it is very simple and looks very clean, so we believe that it is an option that you can end up falling in love with.

Phrases, phrases and more phrases

Something that will never go out of style are phrases, that’s why using this area of ​​the body such as the ribs can be used to put a phrase with which you feel identified.

blessed nature

If you want something big, striking and meaningful, you can opt for a tattoo that is related to nature. It will look great and take up a lot of your body.

If you have already decided which tattoo you want on your ribs, keep these tips in mind… Tattoo care, so that nothing goes wrong! Here one click on Vibra.