Tattoos for women: super inspiring phrases

There are tattoos for women that have phrases inspiring and combine style with creativity. Sure they will look very nice and could become your new mottos of life.

A tattoo is a true life decision and therefore, it must be a perfect design. With the phrases you always go to the landline since you can be inspired and leave those words that characterize you forever on your skin.

If you are looking for finger tattoos or want to have good ideas to immortalize a powerful phrase on your body, we leave you some alternatives that you may like:

Tattoos for women delicate phrases

Cursive fonts will always be synonymous with good taste. How about trying a phrase that reminds you of the importance of living with more enthusiasm each day? This could be a design that would look beautiful on the leg or forearms.

Tattoos on the chest for women phrases

The chest is an ideal place to have a tattoo that makes us feel very valuable. An empowering phrase can make you remember every day that you are the only owner of your story. East tattoo it could be seen amazing close to the clavicle.

Tattoos on the back for women phrases

Surely you will know two very nice phrases in Italian: la dolce vita and la vita é bella, which translated into Spanish mean sweet life and life is beautiful. These words can represent very important things for the motivation you need every day. Maybe you will be encouraged to get these tattoos in places like your back, chest or one of your arms.

English phrase tattoos for women

A very powerful phrase is the one that translates into Spanish “inhale the future and exhale the past.” You could accompany the curved typography with some details of birds or hearts that totally personalize this design that would look cool in uncovered areas with the never, the neck or the chest.

Foot tattoos for women phrases

Who says that the feet are not a good place to get tattooed? A subtle but beautiful option is the phrase walk by faith. It doesn’t matter if you put a spiritual or earthly sense to it, but it is worth thinking that our feet take us to those places we never thought we would reach.

Tattoos for women phrases on the arm

Tattooing your arms has its charm and seeing an inspiring phrase on them can help you get through those days when the world is upside down. The bigger the font, the better it will look.

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