Tattoos for children, these are the 5 most significant!

The tattoos for children They usually have a very special meaning because sometimes they represent the love of their parents or simply make them happy to share with them a design that will be eternal.

A tattoo is a beautiful way to seal love forever. When it comes to special designs, thinking of a child is perhaps the greatest inspiration and for children, creating a design that expresses all the love for their parents can result in a tattoo crazy or very conspicuous.

We share some ideas of tattoos for mom and also some good options to create a unique design that reflects what parents and children feel for each other:

Tattoos for father and daughter

A subtle but impressive idea can be a silhouette of you holding your daughter by the hand. It is a design that represents all the love and to which you could even add some color with a heart.

mother and daughter tattoos

When a child is born, it is the perfect complement because maybe you have the little piece that you needed to fill your soul. A very cute alternative is to get tattooed together with your daughter puzzle pieces that distinguish them as mother and daughter.

Tattoos for deceased children

Suddenly you went through the loss of a child. A symbolic tattoo to pay tribute to him is the phrase «I wish you were here». A few words that keep the longing to see him again.

Tattoos for twins

Bringing a couple of little angels into the world is an occasion to be celebrated. A very good tattoo It can be the image of the two children with clean lines and soft colors, which will be very impressive due to its simplicity.

Tattoos for sons phrases

A good phrase to symbolize the love of a mother and a daughter is «You will be my mother, you will be my baby.» These words could be tattooed anywhere on the body and will look great in cursive fonts and medium or large sizes.

How about you try sun and moon tattoos? They are super innovative and will look beautiful on your skin.