Tatán Mejía’s tattoo, a tribute to Luly Bossa?

How could we not have realized this? Tatán Mejía’s tattoo that he made on his arm a few years ago as a tribute to his wife Maleja Restrepo really does look like the actress Luly Bossa.

And it’s not a lie, the couple finds that curious resemblance to the Barranquilla actress Luly Bossa funny and amusing and the story is much more so.

Maleja and Tatán have been a couple for more than 10 years and they have two beautiful girls who are Guadalupe and Macarena and they are loved among their followers for the simplicity and camaraderie that exists between them.

Their relationship is based on the complicity that they always have when it comes to sharing, whether in front of the cameras and on social networks, their way of seeing life is unique.

For those who follow Tatán Mejía, they have realized that one of his arms is fully tattooed and on it the face of a very pretty woman stands out, but she is not his wife, according to Maleja herself.

Some time ago, during an interview while Tatán explained the reason why he only had one arm and one leg tattooedMaleja took the opportunity to highlight the similarity of the woman’s tattoo on her arm with the actress Luly Bossa.

This is Tatán Mejía’s tattoo

“The funny thing about this is that he says he did me, here in this one, but it was the same as Luly Bossa. You realize? Say it’s me, but that’s Luly.»

Maleja during the interview

Although Tatán denied it, he also took the opportunity to joke about the subject and said that, although he does not look much like his wife, this detail was something positive in case she decided to leave «with another» and thus he confirmed that it was Luly Bossa.

In the tattoo you can see the face of a woman coming out of some roses merging with what looks like a crown and an eagle.

Does the tattoo look like Luly Bossa or Maleja Restrepo? Take a good look and think, currently the tattoo has some lines and colors, perhaps to make it look less like the actress.

With information from Radio Cadena Nacional