Tatán Mejía had to face one of his biggest phobias in MasterChef

Tatán Mejía had to face one of his biggest phobias in MasterChef. You can hardly carry out the test!

Although in MasterChef chefs constantly have to face a series of obstacles and tests in which they must show the best of their culinary talent, not many are prepared to face some of their biggest fears and phobias, because despite the fact that this is a competition that focuses on the kitchen, on some occasions and to make each chapter more spicy, the production chooses certain locations or foods that make more than one sting.

Searching for ingredients in the dark, descending from heights, extreme sports and more, are some of the activities that the competitors have had to carry out, but despite the fact that the majority have successfully overcome each of these, there was one proof in particular that he had the renowned motorcyclist Tatán Mejía on edge, and it was the preparation of the typical ‘mojojoy’.

Tatán Mejía had to face one of his biggest phobias in MasterChef

Apparently, from the beginning of the competition, the paisa feared that in each mystery box some kind of worm would come out to prepare, because on more than one occasion the paisa confessed to his companions that this is definitely his biggest phobia. Challenge after challenge he emerged victorious by making other preparations, however, the day came when his nightmare came true.

During the night of Wednesday, the cook (who has become one of the favorites of the competition) realized that the cucarrón larva known as ‘mojojoy’ was the main ingredient in his dish. OMG!

Full of terror, he received his ingredients and the pertinent instructions from the chefs for the preparation of the dish, however, the fear never left him. At every moment sweaty hands, goosebumps and uncontrollable fear were at his side, however, this did not prevent him from carrying out his preparation.

“I kept it to myself because not even my wife knew, but now the whole world knows. This is costing me a lot of work. I’m up front dealing with a feeling I’ve never dealt with.»

Although his plate was not called to the lectern, the paisa received praise for facing his fears.

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