Tape trick to contour your face

If you don’t have the pulse to contour your face, you have to see this tutorial, at the tip of tapes!

Makeup works miracles; that, apart from a common saying, is very true. Armed with makeup and brushes, someone who really knows what he’s doing can radically change a person’s face, Do you remember the cases of women with terrible skin problems?

At the point of makeup it is possible to refine the features of the face, using lighter tones to highlight some parts and darker ones to hide imperfections; maybe you remember when we shared with you the “virtual nose job”…

It is not for nothing that lights and shadows are a basic subject for those who study the arts. Surely you have heard a lot about the face contouring techniques used by professional makeup artists on celebrities such as the Kardashians; well you can also make a perfect face contour even if you don’t have the pulse of a professional with the help of the duct tape trick, as this Instagrammer shows…

Tape trick to contour your face

Be careful, to do this trick correctly you must use micropore tape to avoid mistreating your skinand wear the glue down a bit on your clothes before putting it on your face.

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