Taliana Vargas is being called «toxic» for a curious response

Taliana Vargas He decided to connect with his followers through his social networks and that is why he dared to answer some questions.

The ex-Miss Colombia decided to answer several questions to her followers through the famous game «Ask me a question» on Instagram. However, it was one question in particular that caught the attention of many people and so they began to say that it was a “toxic”.

Why is Taliana Vargas being called «toxic»?

It turns out that Taliana was asked «Do you think it’s okay for your partner to go out drinking alone?» to which she immediately replied «Not good, period and end». Of course, the reactions of his followers did not wait and although many people assured that he was right, there were others who went against him because of his comment.

It was at that moment that they began to ensure that “I had a toxic relationship”, “that marriage was not a prison” Y «That one should not always make plans with the couple». The truth is that these tips have worked for Taliana to have a stable marriage and a united family, that’s why she dared to give other recommendations and thus she made it clear what her relationship is like and part of her life.

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