Taliana Vargas finally clarified if she has had plastic surgery

He clarified what many have wondered for years! Taliana Vargas finally clarified if she has had plastic surgery.

The beautiful actress and former universal vice queen It has been characterized by maintaining a very close link with its thousands of followers.

Taliana Vargas finally clarified if she has had plastic surgery

Even a few days after giving birth to her second child, The beauty queen has shown in detail what it is like to be the mother of her two offspring and how happy he is at this stage of his life.

Recently the actress took advantage of the question tool in Instagram stories to solve all kinds of doubts that his admirers had.

The actress answered several questions regarding her pregnancy and the care he took to avoid consequences such as stretch marks, but there was one in particular that caught everyone’s attention. Well one of her admirers asked her if she had any plastic surgery, to which she replied:

Not even one! When I was Miss Magdalena a queen trainer told me that if I wanted to win Miss Colombia I had to have 7 surgeries. Obviously I didn’t stop her balls… can you imagine how she would be now? How horrible!

It should be noted that la samaria has stood out for defending and showing its natural beauty on social networks always based on self-esteem, which has been applauded by his fans.

His reply was accompanied by a photograph in which she shows her statuesque figure before becoming a mother.

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