Symptoms of high cholesterol: three sensations in the feet that can be an alert

High cholesterol occurs when you have a excessive amount of one fatty substance called blood cholesterol.

Too much cholesterol in the blood can clog the arteries and cause a blockagewhich is basically the preconditions for a heart attack. The lack of symptoms that can alert you to this process makes the condition be particularly heartbreaking.

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Although this condition is fairly silent and symptoms are unlikely, thankfully they are not non-existent.

it’s possible develop fatty lumps under the skin called xanthomas.

According to him Winchester Hospitalxanthomas can appear anywhere on the bodybut a common site is In the feet. They are also most often seen in the elbows, joints, tendons, knees, hands, or buttocks.

Several sensations can be a telltale sign of these fatty lumps of cholesterol.

According to him Winchester Hospitalthe bumps under the skin can be:

  • soft
  • They produce itching
  • painful.

These lumps «range from very small to just over 3 inches in size. xanthomas can be cosmetically disfiguring,» explains Healthy Body.

Xanatomas are an indicator that cholesterol is too high, but they can also be an indicator of diabetes or liver disease.

In most cases, however, high cholesterol levels will not give rise to perceptible warning signals.

The fundamental thing is that, over forty years of age, or if you are overweight, that you have a periodic check-up or that you visit the doctor if you notice this type of lumps in your body.