Suso paid debt to Amparo Grisales for making jokes about his age

During one of his most recent programs, Suso decided to pay a millionaire debt to Amparo Grisales for making jokes about his age.

These days Amparo Grisales is preparing to return as a jury in My name is, for which a change of look was made with which he promises to surprise this season. As the contest is about to start, Suso decided to have Carlos Calero, Melina Ramírez, Yeison Jimenez and César Escola as guests along with the Diva on her show to talk about the launch.

Suso paid Amparo Grisales a sum of money for making jokes about her age

During a new chapter of The Suso’s Showthe comedian had as guests all the members of My name is. There each one spoke about different details of the new season of the contest, but they also took the opportunity to talk about their lives. However, there was a special moment and it was when Suso decided to pay a debt he had with the Colombian television Diva for making jokes about her age.

During a previous interview, Suso promised the actress that he was going to pay her 500 thousand pesos for each joke he made about her and everything seems to indicate that he fulfilled it. The comedian gave Amparo a check for five million pesos, which she herself assured she would distribute between two foundations that are responsible for protecting animals and then making people adopt them.

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