Surprising transformation of Laisa, from «The Kings»

Impressive before and after of the actress who played Laisa in the telenovela The Kings He has all his followers with their mouths open.

At Vibra we love to show you «before and after» of the famous (and even some famous too) because that way we can get to know them better and glimpse their past; it is like looking out a window into yesterday to compare and decide whether in their childish eyes there was already a spark of the success they have achieved.

That curiosity was the one that stung us Endry Cardeño, known nationally for her role as Laisa in the telenovela The KingsDo you remember her? She caused a lot of controversyHowever, he has earned a place in our hearts.

Well, one thing we can be sure of: few actresses have gone through such an extreme transformation as her, from child to woman! This is how Laisa looked in her childhood…

This before and after cannot be taken lightly, as this particular case has a much deeper meaning than physical changes, which are superficial; Endry, showing a childhood photo of her, is baring his soul, like whoever likes it.

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