Surgeon dances in the middle of the operating room and is recorded (Video)

In a video that has become viral on social networks, a surgeon is seen dancing with his instrumentalist in the middle of a surgical intervention, something that they have described as «outrageous».

Bernard Alexander War He is a councilor from Medellín and he was the one who denounced the surgeon who appears in the video dancing while performing a surgical intervention.

In it you can see how the doctor and his surgical assistant practice a dance while listening to loud music. The surgery he performs is an abdominoplasty and was developed in an aesthetic center in Medellín.

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Guerra indicated that he has already managed to find the identity of the surgeon who appears in the video. «This is David Majana Navarro, who provides his services at the Art and Body Clinic»assured Guerra to the Blu group from Medellín.

Majana’s actions were described as an act of disrespect for the patient. “The video is outrageous and is disrespectful to the medical profession”Bernardo said.

According to the councilor, Bernardo Alejandro Guerra, there are known complaints from six patients of this surgeon, among whom are Spanish and North American citizens.

After seeing the video, the surgeon explained that the intervention was carried out three or four years ago. «The patient was an aunt of mine, that’s why we were in a family environment».

«My aunt is outraged because the video was known, she asked that something fun be done»said the doctor, who claims to have five specializations in surgery.

David Majana assured that it was his ex-girlfriend who made the video public. “I ended badly with her and she did it as a form of revenge. It was something personal, something familiar, I don’t do that with all patients «.

Taken from Kien and Ke