Sun and moon tattoos: designs that will look beautiful on your skin

If you like them sun and moon tattoosthese designs have a great meaning so you can wear them on your skin and look perfect.

Sun and moon tattoos are characterized by representing the different opposites that make up a person’s personality, the way the world works and the situations we face on a daily basis.

Sun and moon tattoo meaning

If you are interested in putting a sun and moon tattoo on your skin, you can choose one of these beautiful designs. The best thing about these tattoos is that they symbolize two opposites that complement each other, but in the end they both take turns to illuminate during the day and at night.


The good thing about this design is that it is small but very inspiring and can look great on any part of your body. However, although it is a minimalist tattoo, it gives a forceful and very beautiful effect.


This is a very good option to illustrate the sun and the moon, it is about putting a face to the figures to humanize them more in their relationship with the stars.

the moon inside the sun

The design of the stars complementing each other has a great meaning, especially when this tattoo is used to represent the love between parents and children, the loyalty between friends or the complicity of sisters.

A figure on each foot

An inspiring idea is to tattoo the sun and the moon on each of your feet, although you can also choose to do it on each hand. The good thing about this tattoo is that the figures can be better appreciated and you can better highlight each design.

For couples

Many times couples want tattoo designs that reflect their love and feelings. That is why they choose the sun and the moon to represent something that is not in balance if they do not complement each other. Ideally, while one tattoos the sun, the other tattoos the moon.

If you have already decided which sun and moon tattoo you want, keep these tips in mind… Tattoo care, so that nothing goes wrong! Here one click on Vibra.