Summer is coming: How to choose the right hose to water my garden

is approaching the summer, and these last months of the year begin to give us a warmer climate, giving way to use the garden of our house for a longer time. And precisely one of the most complex points of the patio of our house, is the daily maintenance, this because without a doubt post winter, we must make certain arrangements and improvements as much as in furniture, grass or various plants.

One of the topics that we must always have on hand is garden hoses, which may all seem similar, but we must bear in mind that there are different types. Therefore, the first step will be to determine if the use will be moderate, intense or very intensive, the flow to be transported and the water pressure. There are certain tips to have a clearer picture of the right hose.

The space to water

To choose the length of a hose we can measure the distance from the tap to the farthest part of our garden and buy one of that size or slightly longer. It should be considered that the longer the hose, the lower the water pressure. The most common measures are 15 and 20 meters. As a general rule, you will need a spiral hose or expandable hose in an outdoor space of up to 30 square meters.

Hose thickness

It is important to look at this item, since the more layers it has, the more resistance it will have, so it is advisable to choose a reinforced hose with several layers of thickness if it is going to be within reach of kids Y petsor if you will be in contact with rough surfaces either rough.

The diameter

The hoses have different diameters, for example 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inches, where those with a smaller diameter are more suitable for watering pots or small areas, while those with a larger diameter are for larger areas. “Currently we have a wide mix of PVC hoses, including two lines specially designed for domestic irrigation, but which are also compatible with various household uses or for transporting water in general. Both are light, flexible, resistant, available in various models, diameters and lengths” says Andrea Arteaga, Deputy Marketing Manager of

Find something to store it

To keep the hose in good condition, it is advisable to collect it when we are not using it, to guarantee its proper functioning. We can choose between the following storage options, which include a classic wall bracket, which is fixed on a wall to roll up the hose on it, a hose reel self-winding mural, whose mechanism automatically rolls up safely and evenly with one pull. And finally, a cart-type hose reel with wheels, which has the advantage of being able to move it from one place to another comfortably.