Suit with tennis: How to combine this outfit?

If you wonder how to combine suit with tennis to wear a casual outfit, you are in the right place! Here are some ideas that you will love.

The tailored suit is a classic that will never go out of style, and it is a set that is very versatile, which allows it to be updated over the years so as not to lose validity. This is how you can look very casual and divine just by changing a small detail of this type of outfit: the shoes.

Although this look is generally combined with high heels or elegant flats, in this note we propose an alternative that will give your outfit a casual touch that no one who sees you will stop noticing and admiring: TENNIS! Yes, as you read it, we suggest you use sport shoes with suit.

How to combine a suit with tennis?

To the nines, like Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2020who looks completely colorless, except for the flirtatious detail of the cream bag.

The classic scottish gray tailor It looks very chic if you combine it with a t-shirt and sports shoes, white or black.

Another one that will never go out of style is the black tailorwhich you can bring to life with white sneakers and tops.

The female version of chalk stripe suit It will look spectacular with suede tennis.

Couldn’t miss this list khaki setwhich combines perfectly with a white top and white tennis shoes.

But if you are daring, how about one of these garments in a bolder tone?

More feminine, impossible. A pink suit It can be combined with a basic tone or a dark green. And the sneakers? White, of course.

And if glamor is your thing, how about throwing a stuffed animal on your shoulders? Complement your classic gray set with veiled pink ankle-length stockings and cream tennis shoes.

If you like to go against the road by wearing sneakers when you shouldn’t, you’ll love the cutest dress outfits with sneakers that we compiled for you.

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