Succulents: care and tips to keep in mind

These plants are preferred for their striking shapes and size. That’s why this is what you should know about the succulents care and some tips.

Succulents have become the favorites of many because they take up little space and grow almost anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. Like bonsai, its particular shapes are perfect for decorating homes or offices.

So if you made the decision to buy one of these plants, these are the succulent care What if or if you should take into account.

succulent plants care

Succulents have a large number of species and although their care is simple, you must follow this step by step correctly so that they grow strong.

How is the watering of succulents

Succulents do not need large amounts of water, these plants are capable of absorbing moisture from the environment and retaining it in their roots and leaves. For that reason, excess watering can be harmful and they only need water every fifteen days and when the temperature rises it can be once a week.

How much light do succulents need?

These plants need a lot of light, but you should never subject succulents to direct sun as they dehydrate. Also, they could turn their leaves red which means they are burning. Ideally, you should find a location where there is light so that they stay green.

How to improve the drainage of our succulents

Drainage in succulents is essential. Although these plants store water very well, they must have adequate drainage to eliminate excesses. That is why you can use pots with holes so that the water comes out or put stones so that the root is not damaged.

What is the best climate for succulents care and tips

Succulents can withstand almost any climate, they withstand cold temperatures and can also be in hot climates.

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