Suba would be divided in two and other localities would disappear

The proposal caused surprise in which it is evident that Suba would split in two and that other locations in Bogotá could eventually disappear.

For some time now, the Colombian capital has been divided into 20 localities, with Suba, Kennedy, Bosa and Ciudad Bolívar being some of the most populated. Precisely, the young woman from Bogotá who was blocked by her suitor for living in Suba made headlines, and the truth is that some jokes and memes have taken over the networks to annoy the people who live in that town because according to the criteria of many, it is a very distant area.

To the surprise of many, a proposal that is beginning to take shape is that the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá would seek to unify some localities. With the idea, already traditional ones would disappear in the capital and also, the initiative would try to divide Suba into 6 fractions.

Suba would be divided in two and other localities would disappear

This romp in the city would be contained in the Territorial Ordering Plan (POT) that the mayor’s office would propose and that would increase the localities of Bogotá from 20 to 32. The changes that, according to CM&, I would have in mind the administration of Claudia López would begin with the disappearance and subsequent unification of the towns in the downtown sector: Santa Fe, Mártires, La Candelaria and Antonio Nariño. These would become part of the new town called Historic Center.

On the other hand, Ciudad Bolívar would cease to exist as a unified locality to be divided into two fractions: Lucero and Arborizadora. Perhaps the most striking change within the POT would be that Suba, one of the largest towns in the capital, would be divided into six small parts: Torca, Britalia, Niza, Rincón de Suba, Suba and finally Tibabuyes.

These changes could become a reality due to the approval by Congress of the transformation of the Organic Statute of Bogotá (law 2116) and that it was already sanctioned by President Iván Duque. This statute allows “an unprecedented process of decentralization of the local government with an increase in resources for the localities from 10 to 12%, of the entire budget of Bogotá, the strengthening of local governments, of the Local Mayors“, According to a statement issued by the Secretary of Government, Luis Ernesto Gómez.

Thus, the map of Bogotá would have new delimitations and the changes in the localities would begin to be made from 2027.

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