Stunning photos of bugs that live on your face

These alien-looking bugs are called mites and live on nothing more and nothing less than the skin of your face.

The BBC did an impressive report on Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, a couple of arthropods that have been guests of our face forever. According to the British media, D. folliculurom lives in the epithelial pores and follicles, while D. brevis lives in the sebaceous glands; Although they are more rigged on the face because the pores are larger and there is more fat, they are also found on the genitals and breasts.

Although they do not cause any disease, in conditions such as rosacea their number multiplies, so it is necessary to control their number; there is treatment to eliminate them, however it does not help much, because as soon as we have contact with other people, these parasites will return to our face.

Do you have a stomach? Look at the following gallery stunning photos of these critters and surprise yourself with the microscopic fauna that inhabits the skin of the face…