Strange parts of your body that turn him on

You didn’t know that these parts of your body excite him, although they are not sensually conventional… Surprise!

We are used to receiving the attention of male eyes and hands to the same parts of our body: cheeks and butt -in the first instance- and then hips, waist, legs and mouth. But at Vibra we discovered that Many men are turned on by points in our anatomy that you would not imagine in ten thousand years:


Surely you have come across a foot kisser throughout your love life, because although it is a strange part of the body, it is the most common on this list… Has it happened to you?


The back of your neck is irresistible to many men, so put a little perfume there… And you’ll see!


Many women hate our knees, because they are an ugly and dry interruption of the legs, but many men die for them, do you know why? It was the most they could see when they looked at us at school…

Belly button

That mysterious half of our body, deeply sunken in some, protruding in others, is strangely irresistible to them. Do you remember the navel? Okay!


You won’t believe what men look at us! Many of them openly express feeling excited at the sight of a doll protruding from a sleeve, and if they manage to encircle the entire circumference of the limit of your forearm with their hand, they go crazy…


It is no coincidence that they bite our ears, the truth is that this strange part of the body excites them, why do you think we wear earrings?


What what?! Yes, believe it or not, there are men who not only find armpits exciting, but also their smell… Pheromones in action!

You got surprised? Have you ever discovered an aroused man with one of those strange parts of your body? Tell us! And share this note on your social networks to leave everyone with their mouths open.