Steal a kiss from the new Vives and Yatra

After so much praise that Carlos Vives gave and his «stolen kiss» in recent days and also realizing that it was just a marketing strategy, finally today he released his new song next to Sebastian Yatra.

«Steal a kiss from you»this is the fourth single that the Colombian star Carlos Vivespresents as a preamble to his next album, which will be titled «DO YOU LIVE»this studio album will be released to the world in October 2017.

In the song he is accompanied by the young promise of urban pop Sebastian Yatrawho has more than a billion views on Vevo and more than 500 million streams on Spotify, at the age of 22 fulfills a dream and joins Carlos to serenade love through «Steal a kiss from you». “Stealing you a kiss is a song that we made inspired by love, to reconquer, to fall in love, in that it is never too late to tell that person next to us that we love them”Yatra said.

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“Avivar el amor”, that will be the slogan and Vives assures it, “It is a very beautiful song, which has much of what this new generation of musicians like Sebastián has… They preserve things that are fundamental such as the message, the quality, the poetry of its lyrics; and I am very happy that they have invited me to add a grain of sand to this song and give it that feeling that makes me very proud that the youth like it, it is that Colombian sound that for them is a conduit that carries them straight to his roots and his land”assures the samarium singer-songwriter.

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Along with the theme, the video directed by Daniel Duran is released. For two days, the artists went out to deliver serenades to different places in the Colombian capital, touring stages such as the Nuestra Señora del Buen Consejo school, La Candelaria in the historic center of Bogotá, and the JW Marriot hotel. In addition, they reached the Sisga dam, Cundinamarca, to show more savanna landscapes, resulting in an emotional video with a song that mixes the musical patterns that represent the union of a paisa and a samarium.

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