Star tattoos and the meaning for each of them

Definitely the star tattoos have a meaning very varied but powerful, which invite people to feel good and achieve the dreams they have set for themselves.

Tattoo lovers enjoy creating unique designs that remain forever on their skin and represent a special meaning. Stars have always been the object of study and over the years, they have become highly desired figures that look beautiful on the body.

We want you to know the butterfly tattoos and the meaning that they would bring to your life, and also the representations that the tattoos that have the stars as protagonists would have:

Sun moon and stars tattoos together meaning

These types of tattoos are usually associated with intimate and personal meanings. In a good part of the cases, it is associated with the cycle of life that we have always been taught: to be born, to grow and to die. The sun is usually represented as light (birth), the moon as constant change (growth) and the stars would mean the return to the universe of the body and soul (death). They are designs that are commonly very powerful for those who wear them.

Star tattoos meaning women

Normally, it is usually linked to the transition since the stars are a nocturnal element that represent the fight of light against darkness. Another of those symbolisms that is given is that according to the number of points, it would speak of the existing link between divinity and humanity (man and God). Also, it would have a meaning that would personify truth and spirituality.

Shooting Star Tattoos Meaning

A tattoo in which the shooting stars are shown, would represent the wishes of the people. They are also usually associated with nature and the positive energy that it radiates in the human body. For many people, shooting stars in a design are the way to express that dreams are made to come true and they make them on their skin as a contract with themselves to achieve them.

Three star tattoos meaning

The designs in which three stars are shown are known as trinity although they have nothing to do with religion. These usually represent relevant things like your children, your pets and your parents. There are those who also give them more spiritual meanings such as balance, peace and love, being a talisman to attract good things to your life.

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