Spiked nails: So you can use them to look divine

The spiked nails They are becoming very fashionable thanks to reggaeton, but how to wear them so as not to lose your elegance? Here we show you.

The hands are a very important part of our personal presentation, because through them, and how we do our nails, we project part of what we want others to perceive of us.

That is why each of the nail shapes that exist has a specific meaning, did you know? Of all the ways to file them, pointed nails are perhaps the most daring, but they are taking over.

7 ways to wear pointed or pointed nails

Although in countries like Colombia the most common is to wear square or oval nails, in other parts of the world, such as India, the United States or Puerto Rico, it is common to use pointed nails.

However, it is reggaeton (or better, the women who sing reggaeton) who are imposing them all over the world. That’s why we share some ways to wear them without losing all your glamour.

1. Long spiked nails

This manicure is perfect for those girls who want to wear elaborate and design decorations; they may or may not have appliqués, depending on the occasion.

2. Do short pointed nails look good?

Although they are not as common as long ones, it is possible to use short ones; aesthetically they do not cause such an impressive effect as the long ones, but they are a good way to start shaping them.

3. Spiky Matte Nails

One way to start wearing this shape of nails in a more discreet way is by painting them with opaque enamels, that way the lack of shine does not attract so much attention, which its shape does.

4. Natural (or even buffed) spiked nails

But if what you want is to go completely unnoticed and that only you know that you are using pointed nailstry putting nude colors on them, you will see how feminine they look.

5. And how about black or dark colored pointed nails?

Do you like emo or were you dark in the 90s? You will love this trend. If your skin tone is light, the contrast that you will cause with these colors will generate a striking effect.

6. Do you feel daring? Look at these red spike nails

This is the killer combination to make you look like the sexiest person in the party; With it you shout from the rooftops that you are roaring, that’s why it’s perfect for a night of passion.

7. And acrylic spike nails?

This shape requires you to have thick nails, so if yours are very thin, getting semi-permanent extensions is a good idea.

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