Spices that help lose weight

Learn about the condiments that could help you shed a few extra pounds.

Some condimentsIn addition to adding flavor and personality to your meals, they can also have unsuspected benefits for your health, such as help you lose weight. We reveal some of them.

Ají or hot chili

In addition to snacking on you, this condiment can help you lose weight. Research conducted by the University of Wyoming found that the capsaicin in chili peppers stimulates the body’s energy and metabolism to burn fat.

Black pepper

In addition to giving your preparations a fun spice, it is good for your body, as a study published in the JJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry concluded that black pepper helps prevent the formation of new fat cells.


Raises heart rate and metabolism. It is vitally important if you spend eight hours a day sittingsays nutritionist Christine Bailey in the magazine National Geographic.

curry and turmeric

Have you tried chicken curry? Well, try it, because scientists from the US Agricultural Research Service (ARS) found a few years ago that Curcumin (a bioactive component of curry) consumed in the diet can prevent fatty tissue from spreading. This component is also found in turmeric.


Mustard is one of the lowest calorie sauces on the market; in fact, if you look at the label of an old-fashioned or dijon mustard, it will surely say that it provides 0 calories… So, put everything on it!

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