Speed ​​exercises at home, get fit!

The speed exercises at home They are very easy to do and can be part of your daily routines to improve physical performance and, incidentally, a little help to lose some weight.

When it comes to staying fit, exercises that include agility, acceleration, and early cardio are the best. It is not necessary to pay a gym membership to commit to physical activity because from home, it is also possible to keep moving.

If you want to know what are the exercises for legs and buttocks that you can do at home or you want to develop your speed and agility without leaving your home, we present you simple activities that will help you with this objective:

Exercises to gain speed at home

One of those activities that can be super easy to do but that will make you sweat until the last drop, is the zig zag races. It is about running at top speed between cones or obstacles that you put on the ground, alternating the side on which you overcome them. The idea is to do timed races to pass the track that you have arranged, always trying to reduce the time in which you do it without knocking down any obstacle and without losing your balance.

Exercises to increase speed at home

If there is a basic exercise that you have always done and for which you do not need more infrastructure, it is the jump rope. It may seem very simple and even that it does not generate greater demand, but you will be surprised to know that this routine is the warm-up of high-performance athletes such as athletes, boxers and soccer players. Try alternating jumping on one leg, with both at the same time and even jumping and going under the rope twice. This will give you stamina, balance, and help you lose calories.

Gesture speed, exercises at home

If you don’t know what gesture speed is all about, we’ll explain it to you first. It is to perform a series of movements executed in a certain time, trying to increase their intensity, duration and repetition. For example, how many punches can you throw in a minute? Try to throw punches like a boxer in front and count how many you land in 60 minutes. In the next sequence you must increase the amount.

Speed ​​exercises at home flexibility

Without a doubt the fearsomes burpees They are one of the hardest activities for the physique, but they bring very good results, since they work legs, arms, abdominals and buttocks at the same time. This exercise must be performed with the correct posture because otherwise it could cause muscle contractures. This is the correct technique:

  • The starting position should be in a squat or squat position, placing your hands on the floor and keeping your head up.
  • The second movement should be to move your legs backwards with your feet together and then do a chest push-up, keeping your back straight and trying to touch the ground with your chest.
  • Now, bring your legs back to return to the starting position.
  • Finally, from the starting position, lift your entire body into a vertical jump by raising your hands or clapping your hands above your head. Return to the squat position to repeat the exercise.

Also try cardio exercises at home for beginners and become an athlete at all levels. Do not forget to share this and all the contents of Vibra in your social networks.