Songs with a double meaning and that we had no idea

When they say «double meaning songs“, we think of reggaeton, but there are other well-known songs whose lyrics are also metaphors of intimacy.

Intimacy is the expression of falling in love, so it should not surprise us that so many works of art refer to that uncontrollable passion. Sex is present in photographs, in paintings, in literature and, of course, in music.

And the fact is that although many of us now complain about reggaeton’s lyrics that are sometimes too dated, the truth is that those kinds of songs have been around foreverand for the sample 6 buttons.

6 songs with a double meaning that are not reggaeton

Black shirtfrom Juanes

“For you I lost my calm and I almost lost to my bed / Come on, come on, come on baby / I tell you on the sly that I have a black shirt and I have the deceased underneath“.

They say that the issue of «losing the bed» refers to sexual appetite and, precisely, «the deceased» would be the member with erectile dysfunction.

Love bubblesby Juan Luis Guerra

«I would like to be a fish to touch my nose in your fishbowl and make bubbles of love, wherever I want / Spend the whole night wet in you.»

Although many people thought that he was talking about reincarnation, the truth is that the nose is the member, the fish tank is the vulva and getting wet in another person is making love with them.

Tutti Fruttiby Little Richard and Dorothy LaBostrie

No, not even this one is saved. It turns out that in the 60s the term «Tutti Frutti» referred to gay environments.

“Tutti Frutti, good, booty / If it don’t fit, don’t force it / You can grease it, make it easy”.

In Spanish it would be something like:

«Tutti Frutti, nice ass / If it doesn’t go in, don’t force it / You can lube it up, make it easier.»

Imagine, that’s what the original lyrics said, which had to be modified.

what a way to love youfrom Albite

«Where can I live but in your sex, your feverish sex delirium, oh where can I live but in your sex, your feverish sex delirium, irrepressible waves of desire that frees my body from the spell.»

It is very clear and we had never paid attention to it; and that it was during the 90s when the Cuban singer confessed to the world her passionate way of loving with this song, however, it was not censored or demonized at the time.

you do me so much goodfrom Dangerous Liaisons

«See you run, see you ask me for more.»

«You know I get in the first time, now something better comes out.»

«Now it’s inside me, it makes me sweat, it makes me come back to you.»

«Show me how to unzip your zipper, you know where I’m going.»

These are just some of the spicy fragments that this Spanish band wrote for a song that even today we sing at the top of our voices every time it plays.

Foreverof magnet

«Your jeans were such a detestable thing / They didn’t allow to start the battle / Lying on the grass / I liked to explore you / To the south»

You don’t have to be a fool to figure out what the guy south of her is exploring after taking off her jeans. Some believe that it is a clear reference to oral pleasure towards women.

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