Songs to say goodbye to a loved one, let off steam!

If you want to remember someone who is in heaven, we recommend these songs to say goodbye to a loved one deceased, of some Vibra Artists.

Listen music when a loved one dies It helps us deal with pain, nothing like music to connect us with some feeling that we have trapped in our throat, right? Saddest when it comes to a loss, like it happened to Thalia years agoas he told on his Instagram.

And it is that at the beginning of the 90s, Thalía composed the song Blood dedicating it to Alfredo Díaz Ordaz, son of a former Mexican president, who died of Hepatitis C while they were dating.

songs to remember someone who died

Thalía’s sad story made us dig into our memory to rescue those songs when someone dies and they tell us about the duel. Eye, if you just lost someone, listen carefully.

We share the top videos with the mourning song lyrics:


Making Fantasiesby Tito Nieves

The salsero composed this song for his son Ommy, who died on March 31, 2004 after a long battle against bone cancer, without a doubt one of the most heartfelt songs for deceased

Friendby Miguel Bose

It is said that it was dedicated to her friend Evangelina Sobredo, a singer whose stage name was Cecilia, who died in a car accident.

story of a dreamfrom Van Gogh’s Ear

In this case, imagine what the deceased feels and thinks. They say that it is about a girl who receives a visit from her mother who died suddenly and could not say goodbye to her.

I look for youplayed by Celia Cruz

Víctor Víctor, the composer, said he was inspired by a friend whose wife was kidnapped in India, and the man searched endlessly, but never found her.

stop calling me thatfrom The Fabulous Cadillacs

Vicentico wrote this song at age 17, in 1985, in honor of his sister Támara, who died of a cocaine overdose that year.

Tea for threeby Soda Stereo

It tells the moment when Gustavo Cerati and his mother, Lilian, find out that the artist’s father, Juan José, suffers from terminal cancer, a must on the list of songs to say goodbye to a loved one.

dog heavenby Dani Martin

He dedicated this song to his sister, who died of a stroke at the age of 35 in 2009.

the light went outby Alejandro Sanz

They say that he offered it to a couple of his friends, a girl and a boy, who had a fatal motorcycle accident. Dedicate this ctribute to a deceased friend It is a thoughtful choice.

Eternal loveby Juan Gabriel, performed by Rocío Durcal

They say that the singer-songwriter dedicated it to his mother, but after her death it was said that he had dedicated it to a boyfriend who died playing roulette with a revolver.

We have the PlayList of Songs to say goodbye to a deceased loved one!

These songs to say goodbye to a loved one Sometimes they are short for the feelings generated by remembering those deceased people who made and are part of our hearts and continue to be part of our minds. For this reason, we share the complete playlist so that you can listen to them in a row…

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