Songs to dedicate to your ex, if you want to do it

Love disappointments, we have all had them, that is why to close cycles music is our best ally. Meet this top of songs to dedicate to your ex and close that cycle once and for all.

Perhaps it hurt us so much that every time we remember it, sad and angry thoughts come to mind, also some of these people were the best thing that could have happened to usthey taught us wonderful things, we discovered the value of the word «love».

Songs to dedicate to my ex

We have all had an «ex» with whom we share special moments, with whom we cry, laugh and perhaps leave the best of us with that person, it is time to remember that love experience with this play list. Enjoy it!

9. The Last Goodbye, by Paulina Rubio

A song for my ex perfect, even if he apologizes a thousand times for what he did, he will not be forgiven by anyone and you shouted this phrase: “Even if you come on your knees and implore me and ask me, even if you come and cry to me, to absolve you and forgive you. ...”

8. When you loved me, from SYO SOY

And in those moments when you were with that person everything was magical and nothing bad happened for you until it reached its final point. «When you loved me, melancholy didn’t even pass by here…» One of the ex’s songs Infallible in those moments of pain.

7. I regret it, by Alex Ubago

Perhaps on some occasion, situation or moment you were the one that caused everything to end and You tried to say that you regretted the bad and you put him on the phone… «Come back, time passes and I miss you and at this point I will be honest and let my heart speak…»

6. It Hurts Less, by Kany Garcia

yes of songs to dedicate to your ex that you still love we speak, this composition of our dear Kany is perfect. You were the person who decided step aside and end it all.

The memories of that other person will always be there, even more so when you hear this phrase: «But today, today is one of those days that I cry, that I suffer with some memory, that one day I was happy with your kisses, but today I give myself the luxury of missing you…»

5. Remember me, by Pablo Alborán

Goodbyes are the worst with an ex and there will always be one that hurts much more and will live in hell for a long time. Maybe that kind of person is you. «Let me see you a farewell and I’m already in this hell to see that today you forget me…» A musical gem from the top of Songs to dedicate to my ex boyfriend.

4. I’m not here for you, by Rosana

And that moment when you saw that you were better off without him, that everything would be better without that bastard. That you will live more peacefully without that dirty dog. «I’m going there you have, I’m going to live quietly without pause but without hurry…»

3. Sorry Sorry, by Ha Ash

The phrase says it all for that idiot: “Sorry for creating this fake love story for me. And I apologize for having waited too long, from a loser…”

2. The message, by Andrés Cepeda

Is your case different? Is song to dedicate to my ex boyfriend that I still love is for you. It’s never too late to keep insisting and less to bow your head and say «sorry» I’m to blame for this. «Let the message reach you, tell you I regretted it, that I’m asking for your forgiveness, that I can’t forget you…»

1. From afar, by Santiago Cruz

We close this top with an artist Vibra, an expert in making us feel a thousand things with his lyrics, perhaps one of the best songs to dedicate to an ex so you can tell him: «That there is light in your life I want, that they make you happy I pretend. Sit down and watch from afar so that if they name me, don’t look at the sky and keep me in that corner where you keep the things that were your dreams…”

And you will always remember that person as something special in your life and you want it to be very good and to be a great memory that love story that the two had.

Have you dedicated any of these songs to your ex? If you have another one that I would classify in our topLet us know what it is in the comments.

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