Songs to dedicate to a woman, the most beautiful!

if you are looking for songs to dedicate to a womanwe have selected the most romantic ones so that you can impress that special girl.

Music for many years has helped us express our feelings, so if you want to give a woman something that comes from your heart, what better than dedicating a song to her. Here we have chosen some of her most romantic, with some beautiful lyrics so that she is completely crushed.

Songs to dedicate to a woman: walk hand in hand from Rio Roma and Fonseca

A song that will undoubtedly make it clear to that girl that your intentions are serious and that everything you feel is real, sincere and you go all out to win her heart.

Kilometres of No Flag

If what you want is to make her fall in love, with this song you will surely achieve your goals because the lyrics are beautiful and your feelings will be clear to her.

love first by Reik

«Just a smile and you stole my heart…» This is how the lyrics of this beautiful song begin with which you can literally steal the heart of that special girl.

I was reborn by Carlos Vives

If there is a romantic song in the world, it is this one, there your partner will not only feel like dancing in each other’s arms but will also understand what you are in his life.

I want to tell you that I love you by Laura Pausini

Listen to this song and you will agree with us that it also deserves to be dedicated to a special person who deserves the beautiful and good things in the world.

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