Songs to dedicate to a man I like

If you’re looking for «songs to dedicate to a man I like“, you came to the right place, because here we have some with which you can express all your love.

Sometimes women do not know very well how to declare ourselves, perhaps because of social prejudices, which dictate that men should be the ones who take the first step. That is why music is an excellent option; Take note of some topics that say what you don’t dare.

Songs to dedicate to a man I like

In this list we chose female voices that declare their love by singing, some from pop, others from reggaeton or classic ballads, among other rhythms, but all of them in your language. Dare to tell him what you feel!

Something with youRosary beads

«I don’t have to tell you
that I’m dying to have something with you
and you haven’t noticed
how hard it is for me to be your friend
I can no longer get close to your mouth
without wanting her in a crazy way
I need to control your life
be the one who kisses you, and who shelters you»

You are for meJulieta Venegas

«And I know you’re scared and it’s not good for you (for me)
And for this that has been happening to us
but you are for me
the wind told me
You are for me
I hear it all the time”

Want to beAmaia Montero

“I want to be the verb I can
I want to go straight
Confess that one afternoon I began to die for you

I want to believe, I want to know, that I will sleep next to you
I want to hide from fear and look at once
The eyes that the moon has

ForeverKany Garcia

«I want to be your partner
And I just want to add to your life
To be the white foam on the sand
That lives approaching your shore»

You arrivedJesse & Joy

“For so long I wanted to find the solution
To that great emptiness that I carried inside me
I tried everything, everywhere I looked for you
You were my need, I raised my face and
You came and everything changed»

Romantic reggaeton songs to dedicate to a man

Oh Lord! Carol G

«I wasn’t looking for you, babe.
But when we meet, baby
It was a thing that I don’t know
you were conquering me
And in your eyes I noticed it
that you wanted and me too
Between bottles of Rosé
We got warmer»

When I saw youGreeicy

«When I saw you, I saw
what was to come
I knew when I met you
That destiny put you for me”

CriminalNatti Natasha

«I lie
If I tell you that I’m not thinking about you
I would like to know what you are doing
I call you but I get busy, oh-oh
You stole my heart like a criminal
Baby I can’t deny it
This that I feel for you cannot be legal, ah”

Songs to dedicate to a married man

Sometimes we find love in forbidden people, either because we are far away (when you can dedicate If you do not come back, Kilometres and other long-distance love songs) or because whoever awakens our passion is committed.

It is then that we are filled with despair and anguish and end up devoting songs for an impossible love What You are my dream either Infinite, but are there any in women’s voices for men? Here are some that you surely know.

I like you a lotRocio durcal

“For the record love that already
I warned you not to
I will rest until you are mine no more
Well, I like you for a long time
A long time ago
I like you a lot
I like you a lot
Sooner or later I will be yours
And you will be mine»

I met him lateby Patricia Tehran

How much would I give to have him?
I gave my life my whole life
to discover the mystery
That in those beautiful eyes keeps
I know you have commitment
I know that you have someone who wants it
But it’s well worth the risk
For having your love”

That man is minePaulina Rubio

«Mine, that man is mine
Half but mine, mine, mine
forever mine,
Don’t come near him, he’s mine
With another but mine, mine, mine
That man is mine


Even if it’s secret
but don’t tell me
that you take away your love
because you take my life
Even if it’s secretly
But may I live in you
I know well, I would lose my mind
Without you, my life”

you got my name, by María León – ft. Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan

«You don’t talk to me anymore but I know you miss me
That every night you remember sorry
Those hours that you saw stars with me
Because at this time with her you are only asleep”

What do you think? Which one of these songs to dedicate to a man I like would you dedicate to your boy? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks!

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