Songs to dedicate to a man… Engaged!

The feeling is devastating, sure you are songs to dedicate to a man who already has a relationship, they will identify you. Listen to them all!

They say that one cannot rule the heart, that there is no stable and happy marriage or perfect relationship that is worth in the face of the devastating arrival of someone who actually shakes your ground.

Will be? We don’t know, what we are sure of is that no one is saved from love, and it arrives even if you are not looking for it, waiting for it or needing it… Or is it?

Top songs to dedicate to the boy you like

whatever your case, love comes to us all and you may identify with this play list. That is why we bring you the top 10 most romantic songs to dedicate to your loved one, even if they are engaged.

you don’t belong to meby Juan Fernando Velasco

Jealousyby Marc Anthony

You are my dreamfrom Fonseca

An adventureof the Niche Group

Infallible this classic in the top of songs to dedicate to your lover.

alienby Eddy Herrera

The merengue offers us a true musical jewel turned into song of a married man to his lover.

Clandestine loveof mana

Water, stick syrup

A classic in Vibra’s songs to dedicate.

Something with you, by Rosario

Say it all with this beautiful song. It could not be missing from our top songs to dedicate to a man.

Wishes of impossible thingsfrom Van Gogh’s Ear

why will it beby Alvaro Ricardo

The list can go on, do you think so? If you have another that fits our list of songs for a married man or in the case of «We both have a partner but we like each other» What would? Let us know in the comments.

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