Songs to dedicate in English that will speak for you

The songs to dedicate in english They could be the best way to express what you feel in those moments when words are difficult to come out.

Who said that English does not have its charm? The Anglo-Saxon language also has its swing and dedicating a special song is possible to conquer someone, say nice things to a friend and even to overcome a tusa. Rock, pop and many other rhythm artists have beautiful songs that will help you express all those things that you keep in your heart but that you may not be able to say with your own words.

In case you want to know what are the 8 salsa songs to dedicate in many situations or you are going to dare to show your feelings to the surface by dedicating some very powerful songs in English, then these suggestions could help you achieve it:

Songs in English to dedicate to your boyfriend

Love is a very beautiful thing. If you or your boyfriend love Anglo music, a song in English with very deep, romantic and special lyrics will be the best way to say that you love him. Maybe they will turn this piece of music into their favorite song and the one they want to hear and sing at full volume.

thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran

The Britpop artist, Ed Sheeran, threw it all away with these beautiful lyrics and which is also the best way to open the heart, to say that that person is the best thing that could happen to you in life and obviously, if you are already carried away swallow, tell your sweetheart that you imagine a life with him that will take you to old age.

All of Me – John Legend

If there is a father of romanticism in English, it is John Legend. Through R & B, a smooth and delicious rhythm even for dancing, he has managed to unite many couples around the world. This song can be the perfect formula to accompany an unforgettable night in which you can tell your partner that they are for each other, always.

Songs to dedicate in English to someone I like

The stage of conquest and throwing the dogs is pretty in Spanish, English, French or German. That moment when your palms sweat when you talk to someone you like so much deserves a couple of songs that can be dedicated to be the starting point for a great love story.

digital love –Daft Punk

This French duo broke it with this song that apart from being very melodic, perfectly declares your thoughts for the person you like, even when you sleep and dream about her! This song has no loses and it will be an incredible way to tell him that it is time to start the game of love.

The only exception – Paramore

It may be that on other occasions you have not gone well in love, but when the right person arrives, it is worth trying again. If this is your case, this song fits like a glove because it will help you tell your crush that you want to give yourself a new opportunity to love with him.

Songs to dedicate in English to a friend

Friends are unique, incredible and like sisters borrowed by life. They are by our side, they listen to our sorrows, they are happy for our happiness and they are there to share the madness. For these reasons, they deserve a special dedication with songs that simply tell them how much we love them.

best friend – Jason Mraz

A hymn to friendship. This song perfectly represents the joy of having someone who supports us unconditionally in those moments when life gets difficult. With this song, you will be able to tell your friend that you thank her for being on your way.

count on I –Bruno Mars

Part of what makes friendship unique is being there when you need it, no matter the time and distance. That is the message of this Bruno Mars song that will surely make your friend, to whom you dedicate it, shed a little tear listening to it.

Songs to dedicate in English of spite

Obviously, there are times when it’s time to get rid of the pain inside. On occasions when you need a lyric to remember someone special, let them go or tell them that you want them here with you, there are also songs in English that can be a great dedication.

I don´t want to miss a thing – Aerosmith

If you feel that the person you love is beginning to be distant and you want to say, please stay by my side! Steve Taylor has the right words to express that you do not want to lose his heart or his company.

I’m not the only one –Sam Smith

The moment you see that things are no longer going anywhere or that you think you’re being screwed, pull this card up your sleeve. For Sam Smith, this song worked for him to say goodbye and then meet the couple he married, so relax because that little love pain is just momentary.

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