Some of the rarest phobias in the world, can you imagine them?

Surely you have heard of fears or phobias of spiders, heights and very small spaces, but not of the rarest phobias in the world and here we will show you what they are.

We are all afraid of something and normally, they are some of the most common phobias of this centuryHowever, there are phobias that go beyond rationality and are known as the rarest phobias in the world.

The weirdest phobias in the world

Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder that manifests itself in a disproportionate and often irrational fear of an object or situation. These usually do not have any kind of explanation.

Geniophobia: Fear of touching the chin

This is defined by specialists as an absurd and completely irrational fear of chins and chins.

The rarest phobias in the world Gelotophobia: Fear of laughter

This is not the fear that a person has of his own laughter, it is more than anything the paranoid fear of laughter that he can arouse in others, it is the fear of mockery of himself.

Onomatophobia: Fear of hearing certain names or words

This is an irrational fear developed towards some words or names, usually caused by association with traumatic events.

Dipsophobia: Fear of alcohol or drunkenness

This is a very particular phobia, because contrary to what we normally see, dipsophobia is a fear of suffering the effects of alcohol. This can be caused by some traumatic event.

One of the rarest phobias in the world, Urophobia: Fear of urine

This phobia is suffered by people who have had quite traumatic or chronic situations or diseases with urine.

Ithyphalophobia: Fear of erections

Itifalophobia consists of the irrepressible fear of erection; This can occur in both men and women.

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