Some ñeras phrases and their meaning

There are many strange phrases and words that we have all said at some point talking to friends, but if you do not know this lexicon we are going to explain its meaning to you.

To begin with, we have all had the opportunity to listen to or share this picturesque language, and if you have a ñero friend but you don’t understand it, here is a free class.

Get ready to know the most common ñeras phrases

  1. When are you going to let yourself be kidnapped?is equivalent to “when we are going to do little things”.
  2. Oops, don’t hit the dog, don’t clawis equivalent to «let me go, don’t make me look bad».
  3. Why so lost mona, let yourself be seenis equivalent to «I haven’t seen her for a long time».
  4. I would like to be the sun to give you all day mommy, It is equivalent to «I would not get tired of being with you having sex».
  5. Those floors are roughis equivalent to «those tennis shoes are nice».
  6. to the said my dogis equivalent to a game of micro soccer and one says «throw the ball to my chest».
  7. I will not be surprised parceis equivalent to «don’t be scared, calm down».
  8. Pass the luka to buy the gasimbais equivalent to “give me 1000 pesos to buy the soda”.
  9. In the play with the tombois equivalent to “careful, the police are coming”.
  10. I see it repailais equivalent to «you look very bad».
  11. Get off those floorsis equivalent to a robbery and means «take off your shoes and give them to me».

We all have something ñero so if you know ñera phrases that are not on the list, share it in the comments: