Some celebrities celebrated Father’s Day through the networks

That was how some Celebrities celebrated Father’s Day and they moved their followers by sharing their feelings with them on such a special date.

It is no secret to anyone that social networks became a very important interlocutor for all kinds of people, but especially for the famous; and it is that beyond the hatersmany celebrities find in their followers much more than a target to promote products, but a kind of emotional support.

That is why so many members of the show business share daily scenes of their lives and special moments through their Instagram accounts, such as the Father’s day. Indeed, the latter was what the Colombian stars that we share below did.

Celebrities celebrated Father’s Day and shared it on their networks

This special day has a very different meaning for each person. Those who are new parents or have their young children proudly celebrate with their offspring; on the other hand, there are those who have already lost their father and remember him with nostalgia; there are also those who still have it and celebrate its life. Celebrities are no strangers to these emotions and they made it clear on their social networks.

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The couple of the famous influencer Luisa Fernanda W showed all the happiness he feels for making his debut as a father.

Variel Sanchez

“Your commitment, love and dedication as a father make me love you with such admiration that I am grateful to have you by my side every day and continue building our family.

I love dreaming and creating by your side, father of my children!”

Estefanía Godoy wrote to her partner, Variel, along with the following image…

Yeison Jimenez

The popular music singer reposted a Christmas photo with his pair of princesses and said that being a father was a great blessing for him.

Lincoln Palomeque

the actor of Woman-fragranced coffee He had the nostalgic gesture of publishing a couple of photos of his two little ones, Matías and Salvador, from whom he is a little distanced due to the recordings of the aforementioned soap opera; he thanked God for allowing him to live the best experience of his life: being a father.

Jessica Uribe

They look like twin brothers, but they are father and son. Jessi congratulated her father through a snapshot in which she expressed her affection and admiration for her:

“God bless you always my Charrito @fernandouribeelcharro Happy day ❤️
My friend, my brother, MY FATHER”


Valerie Dominguez

This woman from Barranquilla celebrated twice: her father and El Pollo, her partner and father of her newborn son.


The celebration of the queen of the technorail was a bit bittersweet, as she shared with her more than 2 million followers a photograph of her father, Ignael Ramírez, with whom she allegedly had a distant relationship.

Claudia Bahamon

Finally, this model and presenter shared with her followers an emotional video of photographs as a tribute to her father, who died in a car accident in 2019.

And you, How did you celebrate this Father’s Day? Tell us your story in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks! Your family and friends will like it.