Solving constipation in dogs: the 5 best home remedies

Maybe your dog didn’t drink enough water or ate the wrong food?

Then it may be that he suffers from constipationi.e. no longer able to defecate.

Is a Relieve constipation in dogs with one or the other home remedies possible?

We will tell you in the following guide.

Solving constipation in dogs – is that possible with home remedies?

Yes, to solve a constipation in the dog with home remedies is possible. It is not always necessary to consult the veterinarian immediately, provided no other symptoms or worsening of the condition.

Why is a dog constipated in the first place?

There are several reasons why a dog can suffer from constipation.

We already mentioned two of them in the introduction: not enough water or that wrong food.

These causes can also be behind a blockage in your fur nose: Lack of exercise, too little roughage in the feed, old age, a hernia or even a tumor in the pelvic area.

In some of the above cases, a Visit to the vet therefore more than useful and should not be put on the back burner.

Solving constipation in dogs: 5 home remedies that help

When it comes to home remedies, please always keep in mind that these can help thoughin the emergency but not replace expert advice and medicationthat you get from the vet.

If your four-legged friend suffers from constipation for a short time, the following home remedies can bring about an initial improvement.


milk can help relieve constipation in your dog. Because it contains lactosewhich has the following effect on most dogs: It causes the stool to be passed in a very liquid form.

According to this, milk can contribute to the hard droppings are softened and can therefore be excreted more easily. Here, however, you should only – if at all! – add a small amount of milk to the dog food.

Good to know:

However, most veterinarians will not particularly approve of this method. If you decide to use milk as a natural laxative, please clarify this with your vet beforehand!

Flea seeds & linseed

As well as flea and flaxseed are suitable as further home remedies to relieve constipation in dogs.

The reason: you are, on the one hand high in fiber. On the other hand soak the feceswhich can then (easier) be excreted.


Constipation can often be the result of lack of movement be. Because the intestines also need a certain daily amount of “exercise” so that they can work properly.

In many cases it can be enough if you and your dog have a long walk make, in which the intestinal activity is stimulated.

Another plus: This way you also prevent your dog from putting on one or two grams or kilograms too much.

olive oil

olive oil should also help us to relieve constipation. In fact, olive oil is also used for dogs – and by no means only to be able to solve constipation in dogs with this home remedy.

Olive oil works for constipation as a natural laxative, i.e. laxative. Please be careful with the dosage – because too much of the good olive oil will have the opposite effect. And cause diarrhea.


Also porridge – also referred to here as oatmeal – can help to relieve constipation and even prevent it.

Oats contain many important fiber. These swell up in the intestines and thus stimulate intestinal activity, as they cannot be digested by the dog itself.

When should I go to the vet?

Solve a constipation in the dog with Home remedies is a first port of callif the dog otherwise a fit and cheerful impression might. It can always happen that the droppings simply don’t want to go out, for example due to too little water.

For all disorders that affect the stomach and intestines of dogs, the following applies: Has the condition improved? not improved within 24 hours or even stopped, you should with your fur nose to the vet go.

It’s still not the end of the world if your dog doesn’t defecate for a few days. Still, you should Find out the reason relatively quickly permit. Because this can also hide an intestinal blockage.

For example, if your dog has eaten an object that can no longer be excreted naturally. In all likelihood, you will also be able to recognize other symptoms here, such as vomiting, panting and drooling.


Solving a constipation in the dog is possible with home remedies. These can in some cases also prevent suchas well as the opposite, diarrhea.

A home remedy can – preferably under Consultation with the veterinarian – not only be a first aid but also as Part of a bland diet be used.

If the constipation hasn’t cleared up on its own after a few days – or even other symptoms have appeared – you should definitely take your dog to the veterinarian.

Has your dog ever been constipated? And if so, did you use one of the home remedies or even something else?

We would be happy if you share your experiences & tips with us and other dog owners in the comments!