Social networks gave the last goodbye to Kiko

The weekend and part of yesterday the rumor spread through social networks that Kiko had died and many believed his interpreter Carlos Villagrán was dead.

Although it is true that he died Kikoit is a lie that Carlos Villagran may have died, however, many took the opportunity to say their last goodbye to the artist.

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In the networks they go around saying that famous people died being lies, but something went up and down in my stomach when I saw that Kiko (Carlos Villagran) had died. Fortunately it is a LIE.
Accuse them with their mom Kiko. 😭

– Fulanita (@YanieYampier) May 21, 2018

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THE CHARACTER OF #KIKO is already a LEGEND when the person who gave life to this character CARLOS Villagran dies… RIP


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Mexican actor Carlos Villagran (kiko) dies at the age of 74 peace to his remains…

— THE PURPLE WAY (@wellingtonf9) May 21, 2018

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Carlos Villagrán (Kiko) from Chavo del 8 dies at the age of 73

Carlos Villagrán, who gave life to the nice boy with rosy cheeks, decided to say goodbye to his endearing character of «Kiko» with which he became known in the program «El Chavo del 8», …

– Defender Barahon (@DefensorBarahon) May 21, 2018

Everything was a misunderstanding, what really happened according to one of the actor’s children is that Villagrán decided a few days ago not to play the remembered character of the «Chavo del 8».

According to him, Kiko since it was no longer believable for children due to the age of the actor because Villagran is 74 years old. currently.

«My father is enjoying a new stage, although I must admit that it was not easy for him to say goodbye to the character he played for so many years and to whom he is grateful for the possibility of enjoying the affection of his audience» said Andres Villagran.

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